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Online store design course

Learned how to create websites? Now it’s time to learn how to create online stores and work with the most popular e-commerce tool – WooCommerce

Live online stores creation courses – unique opportunity to create fully functional online stores from design to payment online – together with an experienced lector and good mood. You will finish the course by creating your first online store!

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Live courses

Online courses

Learn to create online stores at a convenient time and in a comfortable place for you! Online courses will clearly and understandably will introduce you step-by-step to WordPress and WooCommerce and you will create your first fully functional online store!


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Course schedule

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Why online store creation courses?

Doesn’t require much time

Online store creation courses require minimum investment of time to learn how to create fully functional online stores with the most popular e-commerce platform – WooCommerce.

You will gain useful skill

After the course, you will not only understand how WordPress and WooCommerce work, but you will be able to create and administer websites built using WooCommerce

You will expand your CV

The new skills which you will gain will be attested by our certificate and they will be a huge advantage regardless of your chosen industry – it’s a universal and innovative skill which will expand your skillset on your CV.