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New skills for the New world

The world has become digital. Information – on the internet, commerce – on the internet, marketing – on the internet, conversations – on the internet, leisure time – on the internet. The goal of W Academy is to make sure that quality education would be on the internet as well.


What is quality education? In the opinion of W Academy, quality education is the one that provides the skills necessary for a person to ensure a solid source of income and help realise their creative potential.

What skills can ensure that? It’s easy – a digital world needs digital skills. That is W Academy’s mission – to help people develop those skills. So that the education would be available for everyone, everyone can develop their digital skills in their native language in digital format on the internet.

In 8 countries, in 8 languages

Our story began in 2014 in Lithuania. Today, we operate in Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Belarus, Portugal, Ireland, and Bulgaria. Accordingly, our courses are available in Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Slovak, Russian, Portuguese, English, and Bulgarian.


We grew, but our values remained the same. Our team is a family based on the principles of loyalty, love for work, and unconditional help to each other. Every participant in the courses is like a friend for us that doesn’t always say what we want to hear, but what we have to.

Our obligation is not only to listen but to hear. We execute with pleasure – we are constantly improving the quality of our courses, increasing the availability and expanding the spectrum of courses. Our goal for tomorrow is to be better and bigger than we are today.

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