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Web design course

in Dublin

Learn how to create websites in 1 day without coding with the world’s leader platform – WordPress. We invite you to intensive practical training with a lecturer with many years of experience. The training is suitable for anyone from 14 years of age.

2018-11-03 d. (Saturday)

Smetonos g. 2, Senamiestis


Duration – 10 h, Begins – 9:00 h

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Vilius Petkevičius

Coordinator of courses

Program of the course


In the first lecture we will learn what is a website, what resources are necessary for it, how does it works, what is WordPress and how to prepare WordPress for work.

WordPress structure

We will review the dashboard of the WordPress and find out how WordPress works. We will start practical work – we will create pages, posts, will change some general settings.

Themes and widgets

We will analyse few different WordPress themes and their settings. We will learn to work with widgets.

Creating pages and design

We will learn to create any structure of the page using page builder. We will continue creating our website.

Elements and styles

We will learn to style text and elements, change sizes, colours and proportions.

Plug-ins and extra functions

We will learn to install plug-ins that will add extra functionality to our website. We will add Google Map, contact form and live chat.


We will learn to adapt the website for mobile phones, tablets and all other screen sizes.


We will sum up everything, what we have learnt and will finish creating our website.



Once you successfully complete our course, you will be awarded with international WordPress certificate


We will award every participant with W Academy partner’s Getspace web hosting plan, where you will be able to continue your work


You will be able to get all the answers about WordPress from our support

Why web design course?

Not much time

Web design course with WordPress requires little of your time – in one day you will understand the very essence of the most popular web design platform in the world – WordPress.

Useful skill

After the course, you will not only understand WordPress, but you will be able to create professional responsive websites. What is more, you will be able to manage existing websites with ease.

Expand your CV

Your new skills will be confirmed with an international WordPress certificate. Knowing WordPress will be a strong advantage when applying for a job position despite your chosen profession.